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About Us

About Us

Trauma Experts
The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma (ICTP) has been active since 1989 as a project of the Herzog Hospital Latner Institute to contend with the growing phenomenon of psychotrauma in Israel, where an estimated 9% of Israelis suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), three times the level of that in the US and other western countries. ICTP is today a world-recognized innovator in the research and treatment of the widespread effects of trauma.

Training in Trauma Treatment
ICTP experts train hundreds of mental health professionals to meet the diverse needs of trauma survivors each year. Cutting-edge programs developed by ICTP experts use advanced methods for treating post-traumatic symptoms and reinforcing natural coping mechanisms.

Metiv - Trauma and Crisis Treatment Center
Dedicated to treatment of the trauma survivor, Metiv provides services through self referral for Jerusalem area residents. Through integrated treatment and recovery programs, we help survivors develop vital coping mechanisms to deal with the emotional and psychological fallout of trauma. The ICTP Treatment Fund guarantees that every individual seeking psychotherapy will receive assistance. And, for immediate crisis intervention, Metiv -Crisis Center - the first of its kind in Israel - provides treatment six days a week for the public and is on call for emergency situations.

Resilience Unit
The Resilience Unit was established to expand our focus on the needs of the community at large and provide resources to the professional and lay public who have been exposed to trauma and long term stress. Our first project, the National School Resilience Project, has teamed with the Ministry of Education to provide help to children, who are especially vulnerable after exposure to trauma. Since 2002 we have provided resilience building training for 4,000 teachers, and early childhood educators, as well as specialized training for in school group treatment for counselors and school psychologists. We have successfully taken our work to Mexico, Spain and the United States. Our screening program, to identify children suffering from PTSD has developed a protocol, screening tools and treatment programs for nearly 42,000 children in Israel. We are currently involved in a city wide resilience building project in Nahariya, in the wake of the Second Lebanese War.
The Resilience Unit has developed innovative programs for First Responders in the Israel Police, Firefighters and Red Magen David (paramedics) to help these professionals deal with the high levels of exposure to trauma they experience in their work.

International Trauma
Through collaborative efforts with specialists around the world, ICTP is able to widely share its unique expertise. Responding to disasters we have sent teams to Sri Lanka in the wake of the Tsunami and the US in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We have also offered assistance in Chechnia and Turkey, working with regional neighbors to enhance capabilities in the face of ongoing conflict.

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